現今電腦世代 普通一般調查手法已不能滿足。
每宗委託個案,我們均先詳細了解,再策劃相應工作計劃予客人,要使客人所花費用均是「用得其所」。而計劃必須是以「快捷, 準確, 詳盡」
所有委託調查資料, 全部絕對保密。

We provide an unparalleled level of professionalism and expertise.  All of the private investigations are conducted with efficiency and discreet to reach a rapid and above all, satisfactory conclusion. We understand that investigation agency is often engaged difficult or demanding hours, and we believe your experience with us will be satisfactory secure and above all, reliable.

We have helped many corporate and individual clients to obtain useful evidence that allow them to make informed decisions and achieve their goal. Our reputation is built upon our complete diligence and cost effectiveness, achieved through the use of the most advanced technologies and some of the most highly experienced private investigators in the field.

We offer a wide range of services to our private and commercial clients. Our team can carry out internal company affairs investigations and surveillance. We can investigate individual movements and communications. We assist in insurance claims, dubious employee issues and general background checks. We gather evidence for criminal defence and appeals; we look for hidden assets, undisclosed financial details, counterfeit goods and false companies; also matters of suspected money laundering.

Absolute discreet and confidentiality is paramount in carrying out any investigation, as we understand that the consequences of anything less can be quite severe. We thus guarantee absolute client confidentiality.